The cognitive factors and philosophical implications of moral disgust in the food domain

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The aim of the project is to investigate the different types of disgust : core, moral, and ethic disgust. These have recently received a great deal of attention both in the philosophical and the psychological literature. Core disgust is a pathogen avoidance mechanism whose evolutionary orignis have been discussed extensively. Moral disgust is a disgust reaction elicited by moral violation. Aesthetic disgust is a disgust reaction elicited by artistic experiences, which is suspected to contribute to enjoyment. The project investigates the nature of the relationships between these different subtypes of disgust, as well as the cultural variability of their respective elicitors, at the crossroad between philosophy and cognitive science. In particular, the project will make use of online experiments to tackle the question of how core and and moral disgust collaborate to elicit moral judgements in the food domain.
Supervisor :
Jérémie Lafraire- A.Borghini
Graduate School :
The Human Mind and Its Explanations PhD program – University of Milan
Partners :
University of Milan, Department of Philosophy
Institut Paul Bocuse
Culinary Mind


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