Symposium - Food & Hospitality Multisensory Perspectives

Le 13 novembre 2019

A Symposium about Food & Hospitality Multisensory Perspectives organised by three partners : EuroCHRIE small group meeting (SGM) by Breda UAS, Haaga-Helia UAS and the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center.

Food & Hospitality Multisensory Perspectives

13 - 14 - 15th November 2019

Call for Participation / Abstract
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We are excited to invite you to our symposium that focuses on multisensory perspectives of the consumer experience: dining atmospherics, meal experience, flavour perception and beyond.
Our event consists of two parts that link consumer experience research and design thinking in hospitality (Day 1 -2) with food perception, cognitive mechanisms and sensory analysis (Day 3). The aim is to explore and develop new research agenda and cooperation among the participants.

The first two days on consumer experience research are jointly organised by three leading institutions in the experience research field, Breda UAS, Haaga-Helia UAS and Institut Paul Bocuse, and sponsored by EuroCHRIE as an official small group meeting (SGM).

The third day is a scientific research symposium organised by the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center with a focus on food and flavour perception mechanisms in relation to innovation and health.

The aim of these events is to create a truly multidisciplinary environment that can help to open new research avenues and stimulate cooperation within these exciting fields of exploration. The first two days focus on how food and hospitality experiences can be designed and measured. The third day moves forward to a detailed analysis of food experience by investigating food and flavour perception mechanisms and exploring the business and public health outcomes.

Days 1-2. Food Experience and Beyond

Interdisciplinary Perspectives of Hospitality Research
A EuroCHRIE small group meeting (SGM) organised by Breda UAS, Haaga-Helia UAS and Institut Paul Bocuse

  • 13/11/19. Day 1: Experience research methods
  • 14/11/19. Day 2: The future of interdisciplinary research on food experience and beyond

Day 3. Food Perception

Mechanisms, Innovation & Health
A research symposium: organised by Institut Paul Bocuse

  • 15/11/19. Day 3: Mechanisms, Innovation & Health
  • Key note speaker 1: Pr. Debra Zellner, Montclair State University (USA), Psychology
  • Key note speaker 2: Pr. Erminio Monteleone, University of Florence (IT), Sensory science
  • Key note speaker 3 : Dr Moustafa Bensafi, CNRS (FR), Neuroscience and olfaction
  • Other speakers to be confirmed

Call for participation / Abstract
Submission deadline : 2 september 2019

Full Program

Closing of registration : October 17th
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