Articles scientifiques

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Chapitres d'ouvrages et ouvrages

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Autres contributions

  • Parizot, A., Giboreau, A., & Hugol-Gential, C. (2015). Du mot à la bouche. Politiques de communication, (5), 13 34.
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La revue scientifique du Centre de Recherche

Le Centre de Recherche de l'Institut Paul Bocuse vous propose de découvrir sa revue : "Menu: Journal of Food and Hospitality Research". Véritable recueil pluridisciplinaire, Menu s’intéresse de près aux travaux menés en sciences de la vie et en sciences humaines et sociales liées à la gastronomie, aux arts culinaires, au plaisir et à la nutrition. Elle rassemble principalement les textes des doctorants ayant participé aux ateliers doctoraux européens du Centre de Recherche de l'Institut Paul Bocuse.

La revue scientifique en bref :
Titre : "Menu: Journal of Food and Hospitality Research"
Type de publication: revue scientifique à comité de lecture
Fréquence de parution: un numéro par an
ISSN : 2275-5748

6ème édition novembre 2017 :
"Food, beverages, services through social sciences, economics, cognitive science & nutrition"
  • Litterature review: Changes in olfactory and gustatory perceptions in patients undergoing chemotherapy. K. Drareni
  • Litterature review: Investigation of food and beverage pairing. A review. A. Eschevins
  • From cooking equipment to food culture. A comparative study. M. Michaud & N. Greaves-Fernández
  • Appetite for life - Maintaining appetite for foods at old and very old age. K. Wendin, W. L. P. Bredie, I. Maître, I. Matullat, V. Olsson, S. Kremer, A. Giboreau & Ø. Ueland.
  • Book review Quaranta (2016) : Houellebecq aux fourneaux. Y. Dentzer
  • Summary of an International symposium: The role of proteins within a nutritious, healthy and sustainable diet. A. Dougkas

5ème édition mars 2016 :
"Food, Beverage, Services: through social science, cognitive science & economics"
  • Investigating key elements leading to food and beverage pairing: A methodological approach. A. Eschevins
  • Food neophobia and pickiness in young children. How to measure it? C.Rioux, J. Lafraire & D. Picard
  • Transnational connections from culinary practices: an approach from the food blogs of Brazilian emigrantsC. Pires Vieira da Rocha
  • The medicalization of the elderly’s food habits in France from the beginning of the twentieth century until today. L. Guérin
  • Criteria of Importance influencing food choice in workplace canteens. S. Price
  • From perception to expectations: the chicken-egg question at the individual level.S. Rizzo-Ivanoff, S. Boesen-Mariani, M. Rogeaux & A. Giboreau
  • To allot or not to allot? The impact of allotment on the noncontractible quality of the supply chain for school canteens in a major French region. Y. Robin
  • Dynamic capabilities for hotel service innovation: a human asset perspective. G. Talens, P. Bayet-Robert& B. Ruffieux,
  • Customer orientation: a service management cornerstone. B. Suquet & C.Stoessel
  • Gastrodiplomacy as a field of research. M. Ferry

4ème édition mars 2015 :

"Food and Hospitality Research: from preparation to consumption"
  • Impact of cooking proximity and food neophobia in French culinary social representations.
  • J. Boussoco, I.Urdapilleta, L.Dany, C.Schwartz, A.Gaillard, A.Giboreau
  • Size matter! A choice architectural field experiment in reducing food waste.P. G Hansen, A.M Jespersen, L.R Skov
  • Plating in gastronomic restaurants: A qualitative exploration of chefs’ perception. P. Fernandez, B. Aurouze, C. Guastavino
  • Eating together, dying together. Playing commensality in French nursing homes. L. Guerin
  • Teaching and learning linguistic and interactional skills in table waiting vocational training - How to deal with competence building? C. Alcade
  • The impact of chemotherapy on taste and smell. R.Vella, M. Fontas, I.Kongsbak, A.Giboreau
  • How to measure behavioral food neophobia in children under a natural setting: tracks for ecological evaluation of interventions. J. Lafraire, E. Petit, A.Giboreau, C.Schwartz
  • Designing restaurant ambiences for retirement homes: a user-based approach. L. Saulais, E.Petit, A.Giboreau

3ème édition février 2014 :
"Methodological and ethical issues in food research"
  • Research on parity in starred hotels and restaurants. Mélanie Bonnet
  • What cooking brings to the pleasure of eating at home and in a restaurant. Anne Dixsaut
  • Quality perception by different eating-out industry players: do producers wear magnifying glasses? Carole Jégou, Laure Saulais , Bernard Ruffieux
  • Ethical and Legal Aspects of Sensory and Eating Behaviour Research: A Pragmatic Approach. Caroline Laval, Vincent Boggio
  • Are recipes from women’s magazine in accordance with women cooking practices? - An exploratory study. Jean-Philippe Laperrière
  • Basque natural cider characterization: the combination of instrumental and sensory analyses - A study review. Saioa Sese-Minguez, Iñaki Alava, Elena Urdaneta
  • Setting-up a method based on digital photography to measure food intake in real meal situations – application to a geriatric institution. Virginie Pouyet; Agnès Giboreau
  • Ethic and ethnography in EHPAD. The case of an investigation on meals. Laura Guérin
  • Book review Heath et al (2010): Video in qualitative research: Analysing Social Interaction in Everyday Life. Céline Alcade

2ème édition avril 2013 :

"Intercultural comparisons of eating habits and food preferences"
  • Comparisons of individual bitterness perception and vegetable liking and consumption among Danish consumers. Tove K. Beck, Sophie Nicklaus, Sidsel Jensen, Sylvie Issanchou&Ulla Kidmos1
  • Evaluation of Food-Related Risks in the Catering Sector. Stéphane Desaulty, Laure Saulais, Christophe Dufour, Hélène Di Martino, Patrice Terrier
  • Potentials for health promotion at worksite: an intra inter cultural comparison of bus drivers’ ethnical foodscapes. Rikke Nygaard and Bent Egberg Mikkelsen
  • Exploring ‘foodscapes’ as framework for intercultural comparative studies. Liselotte Hedegaard
  • Book Review : The Desirable Body: Men and Women Confronting their Weight. Moraes Prata Gaspar, Maria Clara
  • Book Review : Adventures in Eating: Anthropological Experiences in Dining from Around the World. Sarah Cappeliez

1ère édition janvier 2012 :
"Between fear(s) and pleasure(s)"
  • Variables Affecting Children's Experience of Eating at School. B. Atie Guidalli
  • Defining pleasure toward individual familiarity level: The case of gourmet meal. P. Bayet-Robert
  • Theoretical Models of Good Hygiene Practices Training: current approaches and perspectives. S. Desaulty
  • From the table to the bed: controlling female sexuality through food in French Renaissance literature. A. Gilles-Chikhaoui
  • Is hippophagy a taboo in constant evolution? S. Leteux
  • Differences between Patients and Staff’s Perception of Food Provision in Malaysian Public Hospitals. R. Vijayakumaran
  • Eating with the fear of weight gain: The relationship with food for overweight women in France. S.Carof
  • Pleasures and stress of eating alone and eating together among French and German young adults. G. Danesi
  • Control of eating behaviour and eating pleasure among French female college students. MC de Moraes Prata Gaspar
  • Book Review : Sociologie d’une crise alimentaire. Les consommateurs à l’épreuve de la maladie de la vache folle. M. Fontas
  • Book Review : Nourrir de Plaisir: Régression, transgression, transmission, régulation? C. Yount-André

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